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Injury Prevention Tips

Injury Prevention Tips

Injury Prevention Tips Sponsored by New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center

Stay in the Game

When you live for the game – we want to make sure you stay in it!

Injury prevention is essential to a full healthy season.

  •     Warm up using a stationary bike, jumping jacks, or a light jog – it’s best to get blood to the muscle before stretching
  •     Use proper mechanics
  •     Use the correct protective gear for your sport and make sure it is properly fitted
  •     Cross-training will help avoid injuries

If You’re Injured

If you suffer an injury, such as a strain or pull, immediately stop activity and use the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method.

When to Call NHOC

The R.I.C.E. method will help treat many symptoms from your injuries, but you may still need to be seen and treated by one of our providers. Call New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center at 603.883.0091 if you experience ANY of the following:

  •     Difficulty moving the injured body part
  •     Injury to a joint that produces significant swelling
  •     Severe pain or pain lasting for more than a few days in a joint or bone 
  •     Pain when you push on a bone that was injury     
  •         Pain radiating to another area of the body
  •     Concern about an infection with pus, red streaks,  or a fever
  •     Persistent numbness, tingling or weakness in the injured area
  •         You feel you need our opinion to get back into action quickly and safely 

Scott M. Evans, PA-C

Specializing in Sports Medicine

New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center

Special contact info for Tomahawk players:

Phone: 603-625-GOAL      


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